[e2e] TCP in outer space

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Thu Apr 12 13:22:26 PDT 2001


Your remarks:

1) ignore the evidence that the fundemental design of the Internet
	protocols has been highly successful.

	You may disagree, but literally hundreds of people on this
	list believe that this was not an accident, but resulted from
	deep thought and sound design by the Internet research
	community over many years.

2) ignore the evidence, repeated a number of times, that the TCP/IP
	protocol design has successfully coped with new situations
	that were not imagined in 1979.  This include heterogeneous
	network technologies and a huge range of dynamic performance.

3) cite well-known examples of areas where the current design does
	not work as well as it should.

	Here, you have three choices: (1) contribute constructive
	technical suggestions about how to fix these problems
	**without losing the good attributes embodied in the
	current architectur**; or (2) claim that these particular
	flaws are so egregious that they require that the
	entire Internet architecture be thrown out, and then
	**tell us what you would do instead**; or (3) stop
	contributing noise to the list.

Bob Braden

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