[e2e] TCP in outer space

Ross Finlayson finlayson at live.com
Thu Apr 12 23:38:30 PDT 2001

At 09:31 PM 4/12/01, Cannara wrote:
>I'm glad you agree, since I certainly did not say today's result is "due to
>lack of smarts back then".  The issue as, you say, is it's hard to get a
>parochial group, like the IETF, to think more broadly, even critically, about
>their prior work.

Speaking of "prior work", it might be instructive, at this point, for you 
to remind us of your background and experience in this area.  Because you 
post prolifically to this mailing list, it's clear that you have a great 
deal of experience in internetworking protocol research.  However, a quick 
search of the RFC and Internet Drafts index shows that your name does not 
appear there at all, so many on this mailing list might be unaware of the 
depth of work that you have done elsewhere in this field.  Perhaps this 
would be a good time to remind people of this.


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