[e2e] TCP in outer space

David.Eckhardt at cs.cmu.edu David.Eckhardt at cs.cmu.edu
Thu Apr 12 23:56:04 PDT 2001

> Indications of parochialism were clear years ago, when Xerox had
> a wordwide, functioning, XNS network, followed by 3Com's worldwide
> XNS-like network, paralleled by the Marine Corps worldwide Banyan
> Vines network, various Netware networks, etc., etc.  These were
> indeed largely datagram networks.  There has been ample opportunity
> for cross-fertilization of networking ideas, over many years.
> Apparently, however, the IETF has been another way of abbreviating
> NIH.

Comparing single-administration networks to the Internet seems a
little apples-oranges.  Lots of things get easier if you can
administratively control load and mandate which versions of which
applications get deployed.

But, setting that aside, what do you think the Internet should
have learned from Xerox/3Com/USMC about, say, congestion control?

Or what other specific insights or technologies do you believe
the IETF wrongly rejected?

Dave Eckhardt

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