[e2e] Re: Reed's views

RJ Atkinson rja at inet.org
Sun Apr 15 10:13:35 PDT 2001

At 10:50 15/04/01, David P. Reed wrote:
>The two biggest flaws in IP are the 32-bit addressing and 
>the NSA-forced lack of end-to-end encryption.  

Hmm.  The US Dept of Defence developed SP3D precisely 
to support end-to-end encryption of IP.  This technology
was also deployed in the 1980s, albeit in a limited way
due to high cost and a rather different threat environment
than we have today.  Today's ESP specification is a direct 
descendant of SP3D, by the way, different primarily in that
it omits the non-authenticatible explicit sensitivity labels
used by Blacker.

rja at inet.org

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