Reed's views, was [e2e] Cannara's views

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Apr 16 09:38:38 PDT 2001

  *> so the interesting thing that is happening is that while we play games
  *> with level 2, 3 and 4 , to work around our shortcomings, the internet
  *> is showing how general the idea of "routing around damage" is, and is
  *> devising level 7 mechanisms - the whole overlay approach is quite fun,
  *> (unlike the underlay approaches) in that it can be used to side step
  *> any amount of firewall and lower level addresstranslation munging....


Quite fun.  Those concerned with efficiency may note that moving a
fix for lower layer problems into the upper layers is typically less
efficient, but it gets the job done.

A major shift in 30 years is in transmission cost ... the cost per
bit has gone down dramatically since we paid thousands of dollars a
month for a 56kbps line.  This means we can now well afford the luxury
of fixing lower layer problems at the application layer.


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