[e2e] Re: crippled Internet

RJ Atkinson rja at inet.org
Wed Apr 18 08:08:41 PDT 2001

At 11:04 18/04/01, Henning G. Schulzrinne wrote:

>If there was a more load-sensitive charging scheme, 
>where you could pay on 95th percentile or some peak-hour load 
>or some other variation of congestion pricing, there would be 
>less perceived need to force every residential user into 
>web-browsing-only, please, mode. 

        While I disagree that we have widespread ISPs in 
North American that restrict customers to email and web only,
I agree that a more load-sensitive charging scheme would
be an approach worth mulling over.

        There are a bunch of issues there, starting with higher
fixed costs for accounting of bytes/packets and more expensive
billing systems, but worth mulling over nonetheless.

        One wonders if a future Internet might have some form
of congestion-sensitive charging scheme tied in with the
congestion avoidance mechanism, to bring this thread back
on topic...

rja at inet.org

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