[e2e] QoS vs Bandwidth Overprovisioning

RJ Atkinson rja at inet.org
Wed Apr 25 05:10:50 PDT 2001

At 21:25 24/04/01, Alhussein Abouzeid wrote:

>Sure- bandwidth overprovisioning may work in some transitional stage, as
>long as TCP is there to limit http and short transfer goodputs to mediocre
>values, as long as the last mile technology remains so much in a lag, and as
>long as clients are limited by "agreements" with the ISP not to consume
>"too much" bandwidth!

        Bandwidth overprovisioning has worked for most of the
last decade.  It appears not likely to cease being a useful
approach anytime soon.  As time goes to infinity, no one can
predict very accurately, me included.

>The 133MHz processor 4 years ago was a blasting speed.
>1.3 Ghz processors are now available.
>Seen anybody satisfied, or saying enough ?

        Sure.  We run lots of PC boxen with 133 MHz CPUs today.
In setting up a CVS server recently, we deliberately bought
the least expensive PC hardware we could obtain because its
more than enough CPU performance and we could save a lot of
money.  No one in my office is planning any upgrades either
to the new Sun Ultra-3 CPU nor to the 1+ GHz PC CPUs, because
we are satisfied with what we have.


rja at inet.org

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