[e2e] More on bandwidth charging

RJ Atkinson rja at inet.org
Wed Apr 25 05:16:55 PDT 2001

At 03:10 25/04/01, Jon Crowcroft wrote:

>the problem with these approaches is that users adapt - they adapt
>their behaviour, their application behaviour and their workload mix -
>for example, when going from 56kbps to xdsl of cable modem, MOST
>People eventually learn that keeping all your telecommute work files
>at the workplace and doing remote samba/nfs and X or citrix or nt
>console is far more long term effective, but it also switches MOST
>people from being in the lower category to the higher

        As it happens, I did not see that particular behaviour 
during the ~4 years I was at a large cable modem ISP. Perhaps
many employers don't permit folks to directly mount filesystems 
via the global Internet and many employers don't (even today) 
have IPsec/PPTP VPNs as supported items. 

>when you go to higher bandwidth still, in our local uni experience
>(which is isually a predictor of what happens to domestic use 5-10
>yerars later) people start to run low latency continuous media (games,
>hi fi audio) all the time

        Fully agree about that.  The low-latency, moderate-bandwidth,
continuous media apps really did start appearing significantly 
about 6 months after a market was deployed.

>so all these experiences based on early experience in commercial
>settings (esp. ones extrapoolated from simpley movign the curve out)
>are imho on the VERY low estiamte side in the end

        Quite possibly.  Time will tell.

rja at inet.org

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