[e2e] Re: crippled Internet

Fred Baker fred at cisco.com
Wed Apr 25 07:59:27 PDT 2001

You folks disagree with my analysis; maybe you have a better explanation 
than I do. What is your explanation? Here's the problem.

Upper crust ISPs generally throw enough bandwidth into their networks and 
between their networks that delay and loss are nominal. When I talk with 
you guys about problems in the net, you say "show me the link, because I 
manage my links at some huge over-capacity".

When users measure Internet behavior, they say that delay is highly 
variable and loss is excessive. We get all manner of stuff like the NY 
Times article the other day which said that if the Internet didn't develop 
something resembling QoS, it would be bypassed. The Internet Weather Report 
folks have quite a going business helping them measure this, and as you 
know, they really *do* like to bash the ISP.

I don't see any evidence that either is stupid or incorrect in their 
reports. They seem to live on different planets, though. Tell me where the 
problem lies if it is not on the interconnect between them.

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