[e2e] Re: crippled Internet

stanislav shalunov shalunov at internet2.edu
Wed Apr 25 19:31:27 PDT 2001

"Christian Huitema" <huitema at exchange.microsoft.com> writes:

> What I see in the graphs is that the max delay is sometime very long,
> which raises quite a few questions. How do we explain a delay of more
> than one second between two I2 connected universities?

I'm not sure what cases you refer to.  Are the universities really
connected to Abilene?  (Traceroute data will tell.)  Abilene per se is
well overprovisioned.

> it would be more interesting to get some distribution indication,
> e.g. what is the % of packets that incur delays longer than 200ms,
> 500ms, etc.

Surveyor shows 0th, 50th, and 90th percentile graphs by default.
There's also delay histogram.

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