Delay jitter, measurements etc. (was: RE: [e2e] Re: crippled Inte rnet)

vilho.raisanen at vilho.raisanen at
Wed Apr 25 22:24:31 PDT 2001


I'll throw in my two (euro) cents on VoIP characteristics.

Further sources for VoIP quality classifications: TIA, ETSI EP TIPHON.
Generally, one-way mouth-to-ear delays larger than 400 ms are regarded to
lead to walkie-talkie-style conversation. This is generally deemed the limit
of "acceptable" delay. Below 400 ms, the classification limits vary
according to source.

As for delay jitter from endpoint perspective, a sensible-looking approach
to delay jitter goes as follows:

1) one picks the maximum target value end-to-end delay
2) End-to-end delays is partitioned into terminal and network delay budgets.

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