[e2e] Re: crippled Internet

Sean Doran smd at ebone.net
Thu Apr 26 15:15:19 PDT 2001

Dennis Ferguson writes:

| (2) if it turns out that some characteristic of the infrastructure is a
|     bad match for the application, figure out what causes the problem
|     characteristic; and
| (3) fix that problem, then go back to (1)

Under what conditions do we fix (2) by adjusting the application,
rather than by adjusting the infrastructure?   It seems to me that
while the Internet infrastructure IS NOT LIKE TDM today, there are
a vast number of applications which are quite happy with it.  

So, do we see:

	a/ applications convert to something that thrives in a 
	   RFC2001-dominated network that has some jitter/loss:
	   change the app, not the net

	b/ the Internet support increasingly TDM-like features
           for some/all traffic: change the net not the app

	c/ multiple networks, some tuned for TCP-like traffic, some
           tuned for TDM-like traffic & converge somewhere (WDM, conduit?):
	   apps select an appropriate net

	d/ some set of applications wither and die

or some combination, or something else entirely?

I'm curious about your point of view.


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