[e2e] Mystery

J. Noel Chiappa jnc at ginger.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Apr 29 01:24:45 PDT 2001

    > From: David.Eckhardt at cs.cmu.edu

    >> It's truly a mystery how Sony can assign IP addresses without
    >> getting them from ARIN ...  anyone got an explanation?

    > one of the myriad forms of IPv6 address is some constant prefixed to
    > a 48-bit MAC address, which can somehow be parleyed into a globally
    > routable address.

I gather IPv6 stateless configuration can do do this (the host gets the
topologically significant high-order part of its globally-significant IPv6
address from the network) - but I gather that the use of MAC addresses has
recently been deprecated because of privacy concerns. In other words, you
pick some random bits for the low order part, and proceed as above.

So I'm left a bit confused as to exactly what Sony is blowing into devices,
and what they hope to gain from it.


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