[e2e] ECN conversation on /.

Jon Crowcroft J.Crowcroft at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Sun Apr 29 02:45:15 PDT 2001

this seems to be a sort of rehash of old news - sally floyd and others
at aciri were doing ECN experiments and found some sites' firewalls
blocked tcp (or was it the ip code point - can't recall) - it sounded
like it was more worthwhile pursuing telling peopel that the firewalls
were misconfigured (actualyl a reasonable 'error' since anything you 
dont know, in a firewalled site is a potential attack, so its more a
case of bringing people up to date than imparting clue)

the linux today report didt realy explain that  and seemed to imply
that if you enabled ecen in your linux box, you would fail to talk to
end system sites that didnt talk ecn which is plain wrong as far as i
know - ecn is backward compatible, but nats and firewalls are not
forward compatible:-)
In message <20010429064909.9FCA7937 at sean.ebone.net>, Sean Doran typed:

 >>It is maybe of interest to examine the Slashdot conversation on ECN
 >>which can be found at:
 >>	Sean.



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