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David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Sun Apr 29 06:32:44 PDT 2001

Well, it seems to me that an announcement from a company with a huge 
presence in North American market might require talking to ARIN in addition 
to APNIC (who manages CIDR for N.A.?).  But the real point of my question 
was in regards to routing.  I know that one can use 48-bit ethernet 
addresses in IPv6, but getting routing set up starting at that point seems 
to be a stretch.

Maybe Sony is trying to force MS and Cisco, among many others, to really 
climb on the IPv6 train and make an attractive network for devices that 
just plug and play - but since many devices (say a video camera that can be 
watched remotely) need addresses that are static and routable-to, it 
implies that today's "first mile access providers" need to revise their 
thinking from the DHCP, limited address-availability, NAT-based solutions.

This address management problem is, on a global scale, one that needs an 
end-to-end, not a link-level, solution.  The germ of one is in IPv6, but 
that part has not been developed into a practical solution.

At 01:31 AM 4/29/01 -0700, bill manning wrote:
>         Sony is not in the ARIN service region?
>         I understand that they are talking about IPv6 and have been 
> talking w/
>         APNIC.

- David
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