[e2e] QoS vs Bandwidth Overprovisioning

demir demir at usc.edu
Mon Apr 30 03:06:55 PDT 2001

I am not sure if below argument answers your question. I agree with below
points, too. Isn't your question about if "bandwidth provisioning" is
enough; instead using a QoS architecture? To me, below argument shows that
there are cases that "over-provisoning" won't work cause there will be
"choke" points if one expects high-level of QoS.

Alper K. Demir

> At 13:22 25/04/01, Christian Huitema wrote:
> >The number 1 complaint is not about QoS, but about lack of bandwidth.
> >The general public mostly complains when something that is expected to
> >work, e.g. reading a web page, does not. The root of the complaints is
> >most frequently an under-provisioned element somewhere, e.g. an
> >overloaded server. 
>         Yes.
> >Indeed, the most striking area of under-provisioning is the 
> >access loop, and a fair amount of complaints would be related 
> >to the slow pace of broadband deployment. 
>         Yes.
> Thanks,
> Ran

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