[e2e] Re: [Diffserv] Detailed Evaluation of CSFQ ?

Mark Davis mtdavis at techemail.com
Mon Apr 30 04:42:49 PDT 2001

There is another paper (from CMU too) at:


that fully evaluates CSFQ with different
flow weights, Round Trip Times, protocols (TCP and UDP), under exact-, over- and under-provisionings and multiple congested gateways.

It seems CSFQ is not working well in many cases, while the Three Color Marker works pretty well sometimes.
It also comments on some other schemes.  Hope this helps.



--- "Zhou Wei" <zhouwei_research at 263.net>
> wrote:
>I am a student from Tsinghua University.  Could you tell me where I can find a detailed evaluation of Core Stateless Fair Queueing from CMU ?  How is it working ?
>Thank you very much!
>Zhou Wei
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