[e2e] Technology marches forward at the expense of the net?

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Dec 13 14:56:31 PST 2001

a large part of the tech. has been discussed in RMRG (an IRTF group)
and the RMT WG of the IETF...its not terribly secret - there's some
cool FEC codes (see patents) plus some neat protocol work

the "set a fraction" and "share fairly with TCP" are choices, obviously, not

i think unicast use of layered FEC is quite a cool idea ...

In message <20011213104316.A18502 at root.ucsc.edu>, Mark Boolootian typed:

 >>In case folks haven't seen this, Digital Fountain has a new technology in 
 >>which they claim that 
 >>   fast and reliable data delivery is possible even with network challenges 
 >>   like packet loss, congestion, massive file sizes and long distances. Our 
 >>   patented Meta-ContentTM technology provides tremendous improvement over 
 >>   traditional techniques, even in the most unreliable networks.
 >>There is a white paper talking about TCP issues and their Meta-Content
 >>technology at
 >> http://www.digitalfountain.com/getDocument.htm/technology/DF_TCPWhitePaper.pdf
 >>It claims
 >>   throughput can be set to any desired fraction of available link bandwidth
 >>   up to 95%; for high bandwidth links, this provides much higher throughput
 >>   than is possible with TCP, enabling fast download of very large files
 >>   even over very long WAN links.
 >>   a congestion control feature makes file transfers share bandwidth resources
 >>   fairly with other network traffic
 >>They've got some other info up at
 >>  http://www.digitalfountain.com/technology/index.htm



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