[e2e] Question on characteristics of traffic

Jing Shen jshen at cad.zju.edu.cn
Fri Dec 14 01:05:26 PST 2001


I'm sorry if my question is out of topic for this list. I  don't know
whether there is a list for traffic metrics.

I just read some document on self-similar of internet traffic. As I know
there are value-added service provided
by ISPs, like VPN. A company can interconnect its sites by techniques of

I want to know whether the self-similar character  applies to those
traffic within a VPN ? Is there any
paper on this subject?

I also want to know whether there has been some work on interactions
between VPN traffic and
those common traffic provided by one ISP.

Is there any estimation or report on the portion of flows with e2e QoS
requirements within total internet traffic?

Thanks a lot.


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