[e2e] congestion query

Olivier Bonaventure Olivier.Bonaventure at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Dec 21 11:43:49 PST 2001


> I have to do congestion management for TCP over ATM
> FBA and RED operate at the cells.
> i dont have access to cells. i will be dealing with frames.
> this means one problem less,
> when i drop a frame, i dont have to look for all cells for that frame.
> ATM goes over the satellite.
> i want to know which one of FBA and RED will be more suitable.

You might have a look at the following article :

A RED discard strategy for ATM networks and its performance evaluation with TCP/IP traffic, V. Rosolen, O. Bonaventure and G. Leduc 
published in ACM Computer Communication Review, July 1999
and available as http://www.acm.org/sigcomm/ccr/archive/1999/jul99/ccr-9907-leduc.html

Best regards,

Olivier Bonaventure

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