[e2e] Overly Overlay; Peer to peer is commonplace

RJ Atkinson rja at inet.org
Fri Dec 28 16:32:45 PST 2001

Earlier, Jon Crowcroft wrote:
>> but we do not have an example of an operational OSPF or 
>> BGP as far as i know that is in really good shape....

At 1640 23/12/01, Lloyd Wood wrote:
>www.zebra.org is likely among the best pd-wise.

...which comment thoroughly confirms Jon's point, since the Zebra
code clearly is not ready (today) for large-scale production networks.
It might be ready for such in some future world, but it clearly isn't 

        It *would* be good if some/all of the implementation optimisations
to build truly scalable IP routing protocols were documented.  However,
most aren't documented, which provides job security for those in the know.

rja at inet.org

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