[e2e] Internet2 Fellowship on Application QoS Needs

Amela Sadagic amela at advanced.org
Mon Jul 2 07:57:11 PDT 2001

Application QoS Needs Design Group is one of 5 design groups within QoS 
Internet2 Working Group and we would like to announce a fellowship that we 
envisaged as a part of our activities.

Please would you be so kind to forward this announcement to any individual 
or  relevant group that you might be associated with.

More information about the Design Group can be obtained on our web pages:




      Internet2 Fellowship on Application QoS Needs

We announce Internet2 Fellowship which has been established to study and 
document applications QoS needs. Specifically, the recipient of this 
fellowship will be requested to produce a survey paper and create a 
framework for the ongoing analysis and documentation of the relationship 
between the needs of advanced Internet2 applications and new network 
services being deployed by Internet2.

This is a Fall/short-term fellowship, and only one grant is available. 
Applicants can be masters or doctoral students or faculty members in 
computer science or a related field. The applicant must be available for 
six months in order to complete the expected document. The fellowship will 
pay $10,000. To apply for this fellowship, applicants should send email to:

           fellowship at internet2.edu

Full text of the announcement can be found at:


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