[e2e] Windows NT implementation of TCP

Sally Floyd floyd at aciri.org
Fri Jul 20 22:20:07 PDT 2001

>> First, apologies if it's not appropriate to be asking
>> a question like this.  I was trying to find out what
>> flavor of TCP Windows NT 4.0 uses.  Specifically, I'm
>> trying to find out if it uses fast retransmit.

While it it true that Windows NT and Windows 2000 both implement
Fast Retransmit, in many cases, due to a bug in the implementation,
Fast Retransmit is never invoked, and the TCP sender has to wait
for a Retransmit Timeout to retransmit a lost packet.  This is
discussed in more detail in the TBIT paper by Padhye and Floyd,
available from "http://www.aciri.org/tbit/".  

- Sally

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