[e2e] e2e principle..where??....

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Sat Jun 2 10:06:42 PDT 2001

At 09:09 AM 6/2/01 -0700, Eric A. Hall wrote:
>Should they? Is this a necessary thing for the Internet to continue?
>Probably not. There are efficiencies from breaking e2e (caches, proxies,
>store-and-forward, all have shown this), just as there are efficiencies
>from ignoring the distributed model.

The end-to-end argument does not make a case that it is for efficiency.  In 
fact it is an argument against optimization of the net for a particular 

>  Does this mark the end of the
>Internet, and does this make the network something else. Does the Internet
>even exist anymore?

It palpably exists.  The only question is whether evolutionary innovation 
is possible, or will there be only "devolutionary" innovation?

If the Internet is being encrusted with barnicles and sludge, it will still 

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