[Tsvwg] Re: [e2e] e2e principle..where??....

Manish Karir karir at wam.umd.edu
Mon Jun 4 15:41:06 PDT 2001

so with this description a satellite system that uses 2 proxies
on each end of a satellite link and does its own protocol between 
the proxies is also compatible with the e2e argument.
so long as the bits comming out on the proxy1---server and 
proxy2--client are the same...?
the only gurantee is that as you say.."the bits get delivered 
as sent......and the bits are unmodified..." 
so inbetween the 2 proxies compression etc...are all completely valid?

If as you say, the e2e argument does not say what happens inside the 
network, then I guess the above would hold true.... 

manish karir

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, David P. Reed wrote:

> Since PPP is entirely below the IP layer, and transports IP datagrams
> without modification, it is completely compatible with the end-to-end
> argument. The end-to-end argument does not say what happens inside the
> network - bits can be coded using red, blue, and quantum spins and
> packets can be compressed in any way.  As long as the packet gets
> delivered as sent (perhaps in legal fragments), at the destination
> address, and the bits are unmodified from the way they were sent, then
> the network performs no function for IP that is different from a
> straight wire.
> >- David

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