[e2e] e2e principle..where??....

John Day day at std.com
Mon Jun 4 21:22:32 PDT 2001

>i think that the amount of control required on the endpoints will be 
>proportional to the complexity of the objective(s) in question, in 
>any case there will always be a necessary and sufficient amount

Not really.  It is really no more complex than what we do today.

>if the trust between the network and the endpoint is restored that 
>would largely eliminate the need for hidden-middleboxes, and a 
>"smart network", if it can be done at the host in the first place 
>why do it in the network?
>the price to pay :
>the endpoints will have to surrender part of the freedom enjoyed 
>today, ``they will behave only as the provider allows them to 
>behave'', according to what they have purchased etc.

Not at all, however, they may not get the service they want unless 
they bend to some of the requirements of the network.  You are 
thinking too rigidly.

This happens in the current internet business model with ip addresses 
for instance ; dynamic or static if the client is willing to pay 
more, and for the link layer with access line types... but these 
cases are simple, and there is no hidden intelligence nor need for 
verification (that the client sends faster than its access line!)

>The challenge would be to extend the same model upwards in terms of 
>allowed transport service options congestion/error control, security
>there is the problem that these things are tightly integrated in the 
>OS and they involve intelligence and the verification of system 
>behaviour could be computationally expensive (especially when 
>observed from outside) but there may be ways round it)

>the gain would come from maintaining the end-to-end architecture 
>(with all the good things that these brings), and providing more 
>flexibility compared to the uniform transport service the internet 
>provides today, and more scalability compared to network-centric 

Nice ideas.

Take care,

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