[e2e] e2e principle..where??....

Panos GEVROS P.Gevros at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Tue Jun 5 09:05:56 PDT 2001

John Day typed :

 |>i think that the amount of control required on the endpoints will be 
 |>proportional to the complexity of the objective(s) in question, in 
 |>any case there will always be a necessary and sufficient amount
 |Not really.  It is really no more complex than what we do today.
to clarify i'm talking about the externally imposed control on the endpoints 
(from the provider)

 |>the price to pay :
 |>the endpoints will have to surrender part of the freedom enjoyed 
 |>today, ``they will behave only as the provider allows them to 
 |>behave'', according to what they have purchased etc.
 |Not at all, however, they may not get the service they want unless 
 |they bend to some of the requirements of the network.  You are 
 |thinking too rigidly.

behaviour is not only about getting what you want but also about affecting 
others with whom you share

by saying that the endpoints should surrender some of their freedom and  
control over the intelligence they possess these days i hope it was clear that 
i didnt mean that this intelligence should be removed and re-installed in the 
network, however i believe that this will happen (eventually) if the current  
thinking about endpoint freedom overlooks the fact that new players have 
emerged between the endpoints.

my attempt is to describe an equilibrium by considering the interests and the 
potential of all (if possible) the parties involved.


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