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Saverio Mascolo mascolo at poliba.it
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at the site


you can get a copy of the work "Easy Red: Improving fairness via simple early discard". The paper is on the performance of RED and Easy Red that is a simplified version of RED.Below you can find the abstract. 

Saverio Mascolo

Random early discard has been proposed to increase fairness of TCP flows in usage of network resources. A problem with RED is that it is not clear how to fine tune RED parameters. Consequently, there is considerable nervousness in the community regarding the deployment of RED. In this paper, we propose EASY RED, which is a simplified variant of RED with only two parameters to be set. Simulation results with ns-2 show that EASY RED provides fairness improvement up to 70% respect to simple drop tail queuing. On the other hand, RED does not exhibit remarkable fairness increment but sometime it reduces the throughput.

Saverio Mascolo, Ph.D
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