[e2e] random early time-to-die

Murat Yuksel yuksem at cs.rpi.edu
Thu Jun 14 07:09:58 PDT 2001

> > here's an odd idea
> >
> > what if we decrement TTL by an amount proportional to the marking
> > probability (instead of marking or dropping in RED)?
> I don't think it's fair because it'll depend on the initial TTL value.

It might be fair if we look at it from user's side. Each user will have a
chance to express their incentives by giving different TTL values. If your
traffic is so valuable, say, then give higher TTL values to your packets.
But, then the biggest problem comes up.. How to control the users in such
a case!??! 

To achieve this control, charging might be used as Jonathan suggested,
but other problems will raise at the provider's side. Should the provider
charge the traffic coming from a user or going to a user or both? Isn't it
too much of overhead to deal with charging every single packet? Also,
how/when should the provider inform the user about the price, before the
service (prior) or after the service (posterior)? etc..

> Carlos Kamienski
> >
> > j.
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