[e2e] OSPF Reconvergence settings.

EXT-Edwards, William H William.Edwards at West.Boeing.com
Sun Jun 17 09:31:51 PDT 2001

I'm looking for recommendations regarding OSPF settings for a planned
network.  The backbone is a BLSR approximately 9000 miles in circumference
with 50 nodes somewhat evenly spaced.  The settings I'm interested in are:
Command			Default
Hello interval			10
Dead interval			40
timer spf delay			5
timer spf holdtime		10
ip ospf transmit delay		1
ip ospf retranmit interval		5

I'm aware that the last two are based on the RTT, and that Hello and Dead
must be the same on all routers/access servers in the network, and that
delay and holdtime are in the same command line for timer spf.  I guess my
question is whether the defaults for these settings are the best.  I've been
bit before by vendor recommendations for equipment settings on LANs and
WANs, just as some vendors seem to have different interpretations of TCP/IP.


Bill Edwards
Booz-Allen & Hamilton
(703) 872-4289

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