[e2e] traffic engineering considered harmful

Martin Karsten Martin.Karsten at KOM.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Jun 20 03:42:34 PDT 2001

>  >>Hierarchical  schemes are, at least intuitively" scalable but It would be
>  >>intersting to know by how much and if there is "really" need for this in
>  >>the Internet as the number of ASs must be not that high.
>  >>By  the way how  is communication handled in the M3I project?
> badly:-)
> we use multicast...

To be precise: Multicast is one option, but in principle we have designed
the price communication protocol in M3I to interoperate with a variety of
transport mechanisms in order to accomodate for multiple usage scenarios
(and because it seems fundamentally unclear whether any single one will turn
out to be the preferred one).


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