[e2e] TCP Framing

John Day day at std.com
Fri Mar 23 17:50:03 PST 2001

At 20:54 +0000 3/23/01, Bob Braden wrote:
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>Hi.  At the IETF just completed, I sat through an exposition of
>the following Internet Draft:
>   	"Title		: ULP Framing for TCP
>	Author(s)	: J. Williams et al.
>	Filename	: draft-williams-tcpulpframe-01.txt
>	Pages		: 12
>	Date		: 22-Mar-01

Okay, I am back from dinner and have glanced through this proposal.

What I wrote before was sort of my general view of years of trying to 
figure out the stream vs record vs SDU thing.  Now I could imagine a 
completely independent shim layer above TCP that inserted some 
framing around the user's data and gave it to TCP and then simply 
just took the receiving stream of bytes as they came in in order and 
put together what had been sent and handed it to the application.  So 
I could imagine some good ways to do what Bob was talking about  in 
his note that would not affect TCP, and might provide a common 
procedure for applications.

BUT THIS ISN'T THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS is a real bad idea.  Just scanning it I saw many things that set 
off more than a few red flags.  Perhaps this weekend or early next 
week I can detail my problems with this.  But right now is not the 
time.  I have to get up at 0330 tomorrow morning and that is looking 
sooner than I like.

I'm with Bob on this one.  Although, I think he was to gentle in his objection.

Take care,

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