[e2e] Mystery

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Tue May 1 07:36:15 PDT 2001

At 11:32 PM 4/30/01 -0400, Perry E. Metzger wrote:
>You can easily tunnel through NAT boxes by doing IPv6 in UDP
>encapsulation. Unfortunately we don't have a standard for that, though
>we should.

The concern I have is about address administration.  Yes, you can tunnel 
anything out, but for this to work, you still have to have a v6 
encapsulator that acts as a v6 edge router and a v6 address management 
scheme that works on your side of the firewall.  It's too much of a burden 
to put complex NAT recognition logic that decides when and how to do UDP 
encapsulation in a device's IPv6 stack.  Do we build NAT kludgery into v6 

- David
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