[e2e] TCP Send Window in sessions with Microsoft platforms

Alex Cannara cannara at attglobal.net
Wed May 2 10:46:36 PDT 2001

Do you mean to suggest that uSoft doesn't understand Rate-Delay
products?  How dare you Eric!  :]

Indeed, this has been a longstanding problem and supposedly Win2k allows
bigger send windows.  Maybe they'll even make it easily adjustable some

Understand that it's only been since '88 or '89 that uSoft has seen
networking as more than bridged Token-Ring around the world, running
NetBIOS.  At 3Com, we gave them XNS then and explained what network
addresses, routers, etc. were.  I think them taking 10 or so years to
understand basic network-performance issues is probably to be expected.


eric23 at softhome.net wrote:
> Can someone help me out with this perhaps?
> My experience with Windows NT indicates that it uses an 8K send
> window for all FTP sessions.  This is to say that even if my
> box is configured for a large receive window, the FTP server won't
> send more than 8K per RTT.
> Can this really be the case?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks.
> - Eric Goldman

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