[e2e] Access Networking and Charging Mechanisms

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Sun May 13 04:19:44 PDT 2001


For a while now I've had an interest in the development of the access
network environment with a view to increasing topological load in the
network core: thereby improving the case for enhanced capacity and
connectivity in the network overall.

Being new to the list, I have no idea if the areas I am interested in have
already been discussed so I will ask two questions and see what feedback I
get. :)

The questions are:

1. Is there any thinking with regard to the use of, say, IP over isochronous
ethernet in the access environment to provide truly converged media services
(TV, movies, audio, data services)? If isoEnet has been discarded as a
solution, why did this happen and what is now presented as the optimal
access media?

2. I have seen mention of bandwidth charging, variable bandwidth, and user
defined bandwidth profiles and wondered what thoughts were flying around
with regards to the whole area of rational, user defined pricing models and
subsequent billing. Thoughts on several postcards please!

Thank you in advance for any responses,

Best Regards,

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