[e2e] 150ms - tolerable latency for quakeIII

Thomas H. Ptacek tqbf at sonicity.com
Wed May 23 20:05:46 PDT 2001

On 23 May 2001 13:35:25 -0700, grenville armitage wrote:

> than estimating based on human factors, I think the histograms
> reveal players voting with their feet. Based on the distributions,

I think you need to provide more of your methodology.

Is the 150ms number the result of people "voting with their feet" due to
intolerable latency, or due to the fact that Quake3 scores (and sorts?)
servers by their latency, and users will tend to choose the "best
scored" server, regardless of whether many "poorer scored" servers might
have acceptable lag?

In which case, is it reasonable to then say that a statistically
significant number of users have connectivity putting them at 150ms
distance from a typical Quake3 server?

Or are you measuring the latency to players leaving mid-game, in which
case you could claim to be measuring the latency at which players tend
to become disgruntled due to lag?

Many serious gamers might take latency so seriously that they'd
aggressively adjust their server to reach a predetermined reasonable
latency. But these are *serious* players. What percentage of Quake3
players are REALLY this serious?

This is interesting.

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