[e2e] 150ms - tolerable latency for quakeIII

Jon Crowcroft J.Crowcroft at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Fri May 25 00:09:31 PDT 2001

In message <F66A04C29AD9034A8205949AD0C9010418BE05 at win-msg-02.wingroup.windeplo
y.ntdev.microsoft.com>, Christian Huitema typed:

 >>If you remove the "voting" hypothesis, then the hypothesis that 150 ms
 >>is some kind of magic number for games also goes. In fact, we could draw
 >>another conclusion: that the tolerable delay is a function of the design
 >>of the game, and that the designers of the game take into account the
 >>prevalent conditions on the Internet to make sure that players get a
 >>reasonable experience. In short, the designers program for the network
 >>that most of their customers can get.

if you look at the game source code you would delete the idea that
game programmers "design" the game for any kind of network.

network awareness in game programmres (at the level of detail we are
talking about, and the sort of syatmes understanfding that the X folks
had) is not widespread yet (there are exceptions, sure but not in the
games we (tristan, manuel) are looking at or grenville ...



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