[e2e] 150ms - tolerable latency for quakeIII

Sugih Jamin jamin at eecs.umich.edu
Fri May 25 09:36:10 PDT 2001

> > network awareness in game programmres (at the level of detail we are
> > talking about, and the sort of syatmes understanfding that the X folks
> > had) is not widespread yet (there are exceptions, sure but not in the
> > games we (tristan, manuel) are looking at or grenville ...
> As an example of this, see:
> http://www.gamasutra.com/features/19990903/lincroft_01.htm

Some of the later ones are better:

Bernier, Y., "Latency Compensating Methods in Client/Server 
In-game Protocol Design and Optimization,"

Bettner and Terrano, "1,500 Archers on a 28.8: Network 
Programming in Age of Empires and Beyond"


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