[e2e] traffic dispersion and blocking probality

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Apr 1 08:52:10 PST 2002

  *> Hi,
  *> Current routing protocol mainly uses single path dispersion of network
  *> traffic, as though there is ECMP in OSPF, the traffic is devided
  *> equally to multiple paths. This is not to the actual state of pathes
  *> exist in network because we can't expect the status is always the same
  *> as original we compute the path. I think this is esp. true in current
  *> high speed network.  I want to known if there has been some work done
  *> with routing path decision and network blocking probality?

It would seem that "blocking probability" is an attribute of
connection-oriented networks and has no relevance to a connectionless
network protocol like IP.   In short, except for transient effects, the
"blocking probability" of Internet routing is defined to be exactly zero
(or else 100%, for traffic disallowed by firewalls, etc.)

Bob Braden

  *> Or, is there any paper with relationship between network blocking and
  *> routing ?
  *> Each word will be highly appreciated.
  *> Thank you.
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