[e2e] traffic dispersion and blocking probality

Naidu, Venkata Venkata.Naidu at Marconi.com
Mon Apr 1 10:32:00 PST 2002

  I got to disagree with Bob - *Blocking probability*
  indirectly signifies/derived from either loss probability or
  impending congestion probability (regardless of
  Layer 3 connection oriented or not). Almost all of
  the datalink/physical layers are connection oriented
  in that sense and there do exists some loss probability
  as time varying function. The intelligent decision 
  (*end-to-end path*) should depend upon such links/hops 
  properties also.

  You may want to look at the latest OSPF-OMP draft
  and complete description of OMP applicability to
  different areas (OSPF/ISIS/MPLS) in the official
  OMP site (below).


-> you might try to locate an old, expired, internet-draft by 
-> Curtis Villamizar:
-> 	draft-ietf-ospf-omp-02.txt
-> at the time, Curtis had versions for various routing 
-> protocols and, if i 
-> remember correctly, mpls.  unfortunately, his attention was directed 
-> elsewhere, and no one else has taken up this work.
-> cheers, Greg Minshall

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