[e2e] traffic dispersion and blocking probality

Jing Shen jshen at cad.zju.edu.cn
Mon Apr 1 23:25:02 PST 2002

Thanks for your comment.

My question is with multipath dispersion, that is : if there exist multiple pathes
 for a source-destination pair.  when new flow arrives at source node for destionation,
how could source determine  a path for this flow  which is estimated to have least
possibility of congestion.

I think this problem is of  greate relationship with traffic pattern,  time sequence analysis
and route computation.   To your suggestion, I'll try to read some thing about Resilient Overlay Networking,
would you please recommend some thing on RON?


> well, if "blocking probability" == "not making useful progress due to
> congestion, and trying to avoid minor congestion collapse of even
> probing/trying", yes - there's Reslient Overlay Networking - uese
> altertante routes if the default ones are bust, and the Global Grid
> Forum people have built a simular system...
> ip routes around problems - if it doesnt, recurse - route around ip...
> j.

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