[e2e] Multiple TCP-friendly Sessions and Cong. Control in user-mode?

Shivkumar Kalyanaraman shivkuma at ecse.rpi.edu
Wed Apr 10 10:32:03 PDT 2002

So, I read the community consensus is that we do not care about
per-user or process unfriendly provided we are per-connection
friendly (and/or we cannot do anything about it anyway)...

> It should act just like multiple TCP connections between the same pair.
> It is per-connection friendly, but per-user or process unfriendly.

> It's an argument for implementing congestion control where the
> scheduling jitter is low. That can mean separating congestion control
> from the protocol (CM), OR using in-kernel implementations of
> coordinating protocols (RFC2140) OR using a real-time OS with less
> scheduling jitter at the user level.

Sounds consistent. But, is this argument well recognized in the brave new
world where applications run over UDP/RTP and do their own CC? Are
application developers implementing congestion control at the app layer ?
How far is the CM or other approaches gaining traction with end-system


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