[e2e] DANGER VIRUS spamming culled from E2E addresses

Matt Mathis mathis at psc.edu
Fri Apr 19 08:45:40 PDT 2002

I'm not a security guy, but something really evil is going on.

One piece was returned to me by a colleague: not only were the From:, To: and 
Subject: plausable, it appeared to have been relayed via PSC (from ast Europe)
on it's way to my colleague.  Perhaps this is an initial seeding?

I now have about a dozen copies, some of which seem to be from prominent 
members of this community.

Take care,

On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Scott Brim wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 09:46:41AM -0400, Craig Partridge wrote:
> > 
> > Hi folks:
> > 
> > I just got a spam that claimed to be from KK (using KK's old AT&T email
> > address) and addressed to me.  The spam apparently really originated at
> > ee.cityu.edu.hk though one can't be sure.  Looks like someone shrewdly
> > culling archived E2E mail to do targetted mailing (haven't opened the
> > enclosure to figure out what it does).  Has anyone else seen this?
> <http://vil.mcafee.com/dispVirus.asp?virus_k=99367>

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