[e2e] PAM2003 deadline extended to Dec. 8th

Joerg Micheel joerg at nlanr.net
Tue Dec 3 17:09:54 PST 2002

The deadline for submission of abstracts to PAM2003 has been extended to
December 8, 2002.

The call for papers can be found on our Web site:  http://www.pam2003.org

PAM2003 is using the EDAS paper submission system:

Instructions for EDAS:

If you do not already have an EDAS account, you will need to create one;
instructions can be found on the site.

You must first register the paper by supplying the authors' names/emails,
the paper title, and you must type in/paste in an abstract of at least 50
characters.  (This abstract field is intended to provide a short
overview/abstract sufficient for reviewers to determine the topic of the
paper.)  After this, your paper is registered, and you can submit it, by
Web upload, ftp, or email.

After your paper is registered, the three submission options (upload, ftp,
email) will appear when you log into your EDAS account home page,
alongside information about your registered paper.  Each submission option
has a link and instructions, as necessary.  You will receive an email from
EDAS when you have registered your paper, as well as when you submit your
extended abstract (full papers are accepted, but are not given
preference).  Submissions must be in PDF, or plain text.

If you have difficulties, please contact us at:  paminfo at nlanr.net

In addition, please note that the deadline for proposals for tutorials has
also been extended; these are now due December 22, 2002.  Please see the
Web page Call for Papers (above) for additional details.

Joerg B. Micheel			Email: <joerg at nlanr.net>
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