[e2e] Address Space Distribution

Ratul Mahajan ratul at cs.washington.edu
Fri Dec 6 11:56:48 PST 2002

this might be what you need:

Observed Structure of Addresses in IP Traffic.
Eddie Kohler, Jinyang Li, Vern Paxson, Scott Shenker. (slides in PDF). 

	-- ratul

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Wu Min wrote:

> Hi,
> Modelling Internet topology has been very well investigated. How about the 
> IP address space distribution in the Internet? Does the distribution follow 
> the power laws as well?
> I am looking for such generator. Is there any?
> The following is what I intend to do. I need several large networks with IP 
> address space distributed in a way closely characterize the real Internet. 
> The reason for the visibility of the IP addresses is that I am trying to 
> analyze the traffic forwarding and traffic distribution pattern at every 
> router.
> Thank you in advance.
> -Wumin
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