[e2e] Comparing different TCP flavours?

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There has been a paper on this ( maybe a little old ) 
B. Sikdar, S. Kalyanaraman and K. S. Vastola, Analytic models and comparative study of the latency and steady-state throughput of TCP Tahoe, Reno and SACK . Proceedings of IEEE GLOBECOM, San Antonio, TX, November 2001. 

Jing Shen

  Jon Crowcroft <Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk> µÄÕýÎÄ£º 
panos gevros' thesis looks at ensembles of different TCP's 

TCP sweet (add i. m d)
TCP sour (mimd)
TCP bitter (gigd)
TCP stout...

i don't know anyone who has looked at the real problem (lots of flows
in the various different startup, and post congestion event
strategies) - most papers appear to be about the rather rare and
ironically terms "steady state" :-)

having said that, recent papers (e.g. OSDI one this week) point out
that the average download object size is increasing due to p2p...


Jing Shen

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