[e2e] Re: Question on "identification" field of IP header

Ramesh Shankar RShankar at Novell.COM
Sat Dec 14 13:06:53 PST 2002

Thanks for the pointer. I have heard that the IP ID field is used for 
covert channel by hackers. Apparently a rogue SSL implementation was 
leaking session keys in the IP ID field. While not foolproof or the 
ultimate defense, if I don't need to use the IP ID field for IP 
datagrams with the don't fragment bit set (mostly TCP), then it may be 
useful as an intrusion detection technique.



Felix Hernandez-Campos wrote:

> Ramesh Shankar wrote:
>> If the "Don't fragment bit" is set in the IP header, what purpose 
>> does the "identification" field serve? Why can't I simply put 0 for 
>> this field in such a case? I remember coming across some e-mail chain 
>> in one of the mailing lists (TCP-IMPL, e2e, TSVWG) about this issue 
>> and the interaction with NAT. But I am not sure what came out of that 
>> discussion.
> You may want to have a look at Steve Bellovin's "A Technique for 
> Counting NATed Hosts", presented at IMW 2002. The paper discusses how 
> the IP header's ID field can be used to infer the number of hosts 
> behind a NAT box.
> Regards,
> Felix.

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