[e2e] Interpretation of ECN as a less severe congestion signal

Ongun Yucesan ongun at ee.bilkent.edu.tr
Thu Jul 4 07:06:19 PDT 2002

My point for harsher behavior for marking at a router is based on the idea
that, ecn is just an indication without doing any harm to the transmission.
Therefore, marking more aggressively and making fine tunings to the rate in
combination may result in better utilisation and smoother bandwidth
variations. This kind of a network would be more suitable for the multimedia
network architecture.

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> But I figure that we can't change router behaviour now ... it would
> have to be uniform. If we'd just install end node behaviour, end
> nodes would react too aggressive when older routers are encountered.

I may be misunderstanding your point,

If we build the model just as you proposed, we have two different reactions
for Ecn Capable ans Non Ecn capable transmission.
If the point is There shouldn't be two differnt policies on a router for RED
queues, thats a good point, however for diffserv there are three different
policies, But I accept that diffserv is a burden for processing, and
implementing two policies is also a burden.

For single policed ecn routers, nodes will have single RED policy, marking
with same agressiveness for discarding, So older nodes will make no
However one should try at the end.

Best Wishes,
Ongun Yucesan

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