[e2e] ResiliencyToward Packet Misordering

Mark Allman mallman at grc.nasa.gov
Tue Jul 30 07:29:22 PDT 2002

> I am particularly interested to know whether is there any
> amendment done on latest TCP fast-retransmit component? If it is
> not, will it ever be corrected?

There are a couple of recent papers on this subject:

    Ethan Blanton, Mark Allman. On Making TCP More Robust to Packet 
    Reordering. ACM Computer Communication Review, 32(1), January

    Ming Zhang, Brad Karp, Sally Floyd, and Larry Peterson. RR-TCP:
    A Reordering-Robust TCP with DSACK, ICSI Technical Report
    TR-02-006, Berkeley, CA, July 2002. 


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