[e2e] ResiliencyToward Packet Misordering

Gianluca Iannaccone gianluca at sprintlabs.com
Tue Jul 30 18:17:10 PDT 2002

we have been doing some work on this topic and, among 
other things, we found that reordering is significantly 
less than what was reported in previous works. 

if you're interested, we also wrote a tech report:
 "Measurement and Classification of Out-of-Sequence 
 Packets in a tier-1 IP backbone",
 Sharad Jaiswal, Gianluca Iannaccone, Christophe Diot, 
 Jim Kurose, Don Towsley. 
 Sprint ATL Technical Report TR02-ATL-071121, July 2002. 


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> >better utilisation of network resource, I believe packet 
> misordering is not
> >a pathological behaviour anymore ...
> Have you tested your belief?  I'd be interested in seeing 
> someone repeat
> the study.
> Thanks!
> Craig

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